Pet Wellness Exams in Tewksbury, MA

At Shawsheen Animal Hospital, dog and cat wellness exams are a foundational aspect of preventative pet care. They set the stage for the treatment your pet will receive for years to come by allowing us to establish a health baseline. Wellness exams are also essential for building a detailed and comprehensive medical history for your pet. That’s why we recommend annual wellness visits in Tewksbury to evaluate their health and detect health changes early enough to intervene and prevent illness.

Stay on top of your pet’s wellness exams to keep them healthy.

We Offer Age-Specific Wellness Care

Puppies, kittens, adult pets, and senior pets all have different health and wellness needs. Click the links below to see our treatment recommendations for pets of different ages.

Our Core Wellness Services for Pets

To ensure the best health for your pet and the longest life possible, we offer the following wellness services:

Annual exams involve evaluating your pet from head to tail and checking for any physical abnormalities. Depending on our findings, we might recommend blood testing or consider different treatment options to resolve an existing health problem. In addition to the physical, we can also perform a dental exam. This is especially important for dogs and cats aged 3 and up, because most pets begin developing dental disease at this age. A healthy mouth improves your pet’s overall health, and can increase their longevity, too.

When your pet sees us for their annual wellness exam, we will need to establish a baseline of health by performing comprehensive bloodwork. This usually includes CBC (complete blood cell count) and blood chemistry. These tests can alert us to signs of illness and provide information about organ function and electrolyte balance. Bloodwork is essential because it gives us information about your pet’s health that can’t be found with a physical exam alone.

Your pet’s wellness exam is also the perfect time for us to educate you and work together to create a personalized, ongoing wellness plan for your pet. We want you to ask any questions you have so we can provide helpful answers and give you confidence about making the right treatment decisions. Our animal hospital is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and abides by the highest standards of excellence in the veterinary field, which means your pet always receives the best possible care. Our AAHA accreditation helps facilitate better relationships between our veterinarians, our clients, and patients by sharing one goal: providing the highest quality of veterinary care for your pet.

Bloodwork, fecal exams, and urine testing can give us the bigger picture when evaluating your pet’s health. We can utilize our in-house laboratory and our advanced imaging techniques to perform in-depth exams and more accurately (and quickly) diagnose potential threats. Identifying and diagnosing disease at an early stage gives us the chance to treat it successfully and prevent debilitating symptoms in your pet.

Get the best care for your best friend.

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