Pet Vaccinations in Tewksbury, MA

At Shawsheen Animal Hospital, we provide cat and dog vaccinations for pets in the Tewksbury area. Prevention is the best way to protect your pets from serious illness or disease transmitted by parasites. Our team can recommend and administer vaccinations for puppies and kittens and adult dogs and cats according to their age and vaccination history.

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The Importance of Vaccinating Your Pet

Having your pet vaccinated can protect them from potentially fatal diseases such as rabies, distemper, feline leukemia, and Lyme disease. Some diseases can be passed on to your human family as well, so it’s very important to ensure your pet is up to date on their vaccinations. We recommend adult pets receive vaccinations once a year to maximize protection, however each pet’s vaccination schedule is tailored to their individual needs and lifestyle.

Vaccinations We Offer

In the veterinary industry, there are two kinds of vaccines: core and non-core. Core vaccinations are required for all pets and typically protect against serious disease that can be passed to humans. Non-core vaccinations are optional vaccines we recommend based on each pet’s lifestyle.

Below are the dog and cat vaccinations we offer:

Dog Core Vaccinations

Also known as the canine distemper vaccination, this vaccine protects against parvo, but does not affect their temperament. It is administered once every three years after initial puppy shots to maintain protection.
All puppies are required by law to be vaccinated for rabies when they receive their first round of shots. We will administer a booster vaccination every three years to help ensure your pet’s health.

Dog Non-Core Vaccinations

This is the kennel cough vaccine which protects against upper respiratory diseases in all dogs. It is administered once a year after the initial series of puppy vaccinations is finished.
Leptospirosis is a potentially fatal bacterial disease that can affect humans and pets. Our team recommends annual booster shots to maximize your pet’s protection.
Lyme Disease is transmitted by ticks, which are very common in the Tewksbury area. This disease can affect dogs and humans, making the vaccine highly recommended for all dogs.
Canine influenza can be spread by infected dogs coughing and sneezing and potentially contaminating objects. This means dogs do not have to come in direct contact with a sick dog to become infected. Pets should receive a booster vaccination annually.

Cat Core Vaccinations

All kittens are required by law to receive a rabies vaccine, including indoor cats. Our team recommends cats should receive an updated vaccination every year to maintain proper protection and keep your cat safe.
Feline leukemia is a deadly viral disease that may affect your cat’s immune system. Prevention is key to protecting your pet, which is why we recommend a booster shot every two years after the initial kitten shots are completed.

This is our “feline distemper” vaccine which protects against a wide variety of highly contagious diseases. We recommend cats receive a booster vaccination every three years.

Cat Non-Core Vaccinations

This is our “feline distemper” vaccine which protects against a wide variety of highly contagious diseases. We recommend cats receive a booster vaccination every three years.

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