Spay & Neuter in Tewksbury, MA

Your pet’s care is multifaceted, with routine wellness exams and vaccinations making up the majority of their lifelong treatment. But another important aspect of their care is spay and neuter surgery, which can provide different health benefits for your pet and potentially help them live longer. At Shawsheen Animal Hospital, we’re dedicated to meeting your companion’s unique needs, and tailoring their spay/neuter procedure accordingly. In most cases, we recommend having your pet spayed or neutered before they reach sexual maturity.

spay and neuter surgery in Tewksbury, MA

How Does Spay and Neuter Surgery Benefit Dogs and Cats?

Spaying and neutering in beneficial to pets in several important ways:

Elimination of the Heat Cycle in Females

Going into heat can be uncomfortable and unpleasant for dogs and cats, but it can also be frustrating for pet owners to deal with. Spaying your pet will eliminate their heat cycle, so they will be more comfortable going forward and unlikely to draw unwanted attention from other pets nearby.

Improved Behavior

We should note that spay and neuter surgeries do not alter personalities in pets. However, they can reduce or eliminate behaviors associated with hormones, such as aggressiveness, destruction of furniture, spraying urine, mounting, and roaming.

Reducing Pet Overpopulation and Homelessness

Another benefit of spaying and neutering is that it helps to fight stray animal overpopulation, which results in crowded shelters, more homeless pets, and the euthanizing of millions of dogs and cats each year. Spaying and neutering can literally save lives.

Healthier Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats that undergo spay and neuter surgery have the chance to live longer. Here are the reasons why:

• Spaying and neutering can reduce the risk for mammary gland tumors, pyometra, ovarian/uterine cancer, prostatitis, and testicular cancer.

• Having your pet “fixed” can reduce their desire to roam to find a mate. Roaming is dangerous because it leaves pets vulnerable to animal attacks, getting hit by a car, and other risks.

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