Pet Surgery in Tewksbury, MA

Our top priority for your pet's surgery is to keep them 


Should your pet need surgery, it can be a stressful time. The caring, experienced doctors and staff at Shawsheen Animal Hospital will walk you through the process every step of the way. As an AAHA-accredited hospital, we abide by the highest surgical standards in veterinary medicine so your pet can receive the safest and highest quality of care.


Spaying & Neutering

Mass Removal

Laceration Repair

Ocular Procedures


Although many technological advancements have made anesthesia and surgery very safe for pets, some risks still exist. For your pet’s safety, we require pre-anesthetic blood work prior to all surgical procedures. These tests enable us to look for signs of a problem, so we can alter our anesthesia protocol accordingly. It can help us avoid putting your pet at risk if they have an underlying health condition that might make anesthesia inadvisable.

After Care

Our experienced team at Shawsheen Animal Hospital takes preemptive pain-management measures for pets before any surgery. We’ll stay with your fur-baby as they awake from anesthesia, and we’ll send you home with the appropriate medications. We’ll also send you home with very specific instructions for post-surgical care. If at any time you have questions or see problems with your pet’s surgical site, please give us a call at (978) 851-5558.

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