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Fear Free

Fear Free

Along with keeping your pet healthy, alleviating their fear when they visit our hospital is one of our highest priorities. It’s important to remember that for our pets, entering a new place where other animals and people have been can be very overwhelming. That’s why our staff and doctors have implemented certain Fear Free techniques.

The steps we take to ensure a better, less stressful visit for your pet include:

  • Helping owners acclimate their pets to car rides and carriers
  • Formulating safe and appropriate check-in and check-out protocols
  • Having designated cat and dog exam rooms to increase pets’ security and comfort
  • Gentler handling and restraint techniques with fewer team members present
  • Positive reinforcement on site (high value treats, praise, etc.)
  • Techniques for desensitizing patients to stressors
  • Finding more comfortable locations to administer treatments or perform exams on pets
  • Learning the patient’s personality, behaviors and responses to treatment so we can devise better ways to accommodate them

Click here to read more about Fear Free techniques and how they can benefit your pet at our hospital and at home. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at (978) 851-5558.