Cat Friendly Practice in Tewksbury

Our Practice is Cat Friendly

Cats have personalities as diverse and interesting as their coat colors, but most of them seem to have one thing in common—a serious aversion to vet visits! While it is perfectly understandable for pets to become nervous in places where countless other animals have passed through, it can pose a major challenge for you when their appointment date rolls around.

What We Do

At Shawsheen Animal Hospital, we know that cats require special care from our team members. We’re sensitive to your cat’s needs, and we implement a number of methods to reduce their stress levels and keep them comfortable during their appointment. Furthermore, we hope to help cat owners avoid a struggle when transporting their companions to our hospital. That’s why our veterinary team has put lots of time and energy into becoming a Cat Friendly Practice.

Our Cat Friendly status means that we accommodate our feline patients in as many ways as possible to provide them with essential medical care. This includes:

  • Maintaining a designated cat-only area in the lobby
  • Reducing wait times in the lobby
  • Having designated cat-only exam rooms designed to make them feel more secure
  • Using feline pheromones to help cats feel safe and comfortable
  • Gentle handling
  • Examining cats in their carriers (with the lid removed) or on their owner’s lap
  • Using lower volume and/or combination vaccines
  • Having staff members highly-trained and educated in understanding feline behaviors, as well as being able to detect signs of illness or injury in cats
  • Using special medical and surgical equipment designed specifically to be used for cats

Our team members are always happy to educate cat owners in the proper handling of their loved ones. This includes transporting your cat to us in as calm a state as possible.

Want to learn more about the Cat Friendly Practice initiative? Visit their website. You are also more than welcome to call us at (978) 851-5558 if you have questions about how we implement this program.