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Indoor vs Outdoor Cats

It’s no secret that indoor cats are exposed to far fewer risks than their outdoor counterparts. Below are some tips to keep your cat healthy and happy whether you choose to keep them indoors or let them out.

Indoor cats:
Environmental enrichment can help indoor cats from becoming fat, bored and lazy. Here are some things you can do to keep your indoor cat happy:

Use food dispensing toys instead of a bowl to feed your cat. This will keep your cat entertained and busy and will also discourage him or her from overeating. These can be purchased (Slimcat) or made (2 liter bottle with holes cut out)

Make sure your cat has lots of toys, but switch them out every once in a while to prevent them from getting bored. Cats love chasing laser pointers. This is not only fun, but chasing them also provides exercise.

Set up a bird feeder outside your cat’s favorite window. It’s like Cat TV!

Provide objects for your cat to explore, such as cardboard boxes, paper shopping bags, packing paper and toys that encourage her to investigate various holes with her paws.

Cats love to climb and having plenty of vertical space makes them feel confident and secure. Provide a tall cat tree for them to climb.

If kitty is scratching the furniture it means she doesn’t have the right post. Scratching is a natural behavior. Supply a tall, sturdy post that’s covered in a rough material such as sisal. Being able to get a good scratch, stretch the muscles and displace anxiety by scratching is a vital part of cat life. (Please note that some cats prefer to scratch on horizontal surfaces)

Outdoor cats:
If you chose to let your cat go outside, the following tips will help keep her as safe as possible

Feline leukemia is a deadly virus that is contracted through close contact with an infected cat. Cats that go outdoors should be kept current on their leukemia vaccine as well as the core vaccines (distemper and rabies)

Many outdoor cats are mistaken for strays and may be picked up and taken in by well meaning people. Make sure your cat is wearing a break away collar with a name tag and bell and is microchipped.

Outdoor cats are susceptible to internal parasites. Many of these can be transmitted to people. Did you know that cats can also get heartworm disease? Talk to us about different products that can be used to prevent these unwanted critters from making your cat their home.