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Ear Cleaning Made Simple

Regular ear cleaning is an important part of preventing infection. As a general rule, this should be done weekly for maintenance and always after your dog is bathed or goes swimming.

How to clean ears:

  • Use a veterinary approved product
  • Pour a generous amount of the solution into your dog’s ear
  • Massage the base of the ear canal
  • Allow the dog to shake
  • With a piece of gauze or a cotton ball, wipe out whatever debris comes to the surface

Many people do not clean their dog’s ears aggressively enough for fear of hurting them or damaging the ear drum. The dog’s ear canal is ‘L’ shaped (see diagram below), so disrupting the ear drum is unlikely. Often times, debris and wax will accumulate past the bend in the ‘L’ which is why it is important to flood the ear canal with cleaner and then massage. This will help to break up the debris that cannot be reached by your finger.